Legno Bastone Custom Tudor Finish

Legno Bastone is infamous for this age old European Hand-Crafted Process. Legno Bastone’s unique Tudor process is probably one of the most distinctive products in the global hardwood flooring market. If you are looking for an individualized nostalgic floor Legno Bastone Tudor finish is unparalleled in the industry.

European artisans have been creating this look in the same manner for centuries. Legno Bastone master craftsman apply by hand indirect heat with the use of an acetylene torch which emits heat of 1,000 degrees centigrade. This unique process results in a change of the graining of each board. A result of this treatment to the surface is that it will naturally create a denser and more resilient surface. Each plank will have its own unique fingerprint in the form of the beautiful grain. This is a process which cannot be duplicated by machine. At Legno Bastone only our artisans engage in this process with attention to every detail.